Residential Homeowner Information


Current Owner Documents:



-How often is my property inspected?

 Each property is inspected annually.

-Who will handle repairs at my property?

We have a number of closely vetted vendors that we call on to take care of repairs. All of our vendors are licensed and bonded, and they all have a long history of providing quality work.

-How do I contact my property manager?

 You can contact your property manager by calling 206.283.6000 or you may email your property manager. Your property managers’ email address will be his first initial followed by his/her last name @

-What if I have a question about my financial statement?

 If you have questions regarding your financial statements, feel free to call your property manager.

-When will I receive my check?

 Checks are mailed out between the 8th and the 25th of the month. You may request a specific date. If no specific date is selected, checks will be mailed out as they are processed.

-How are the bills on my property paid?

 Some bills are included in the rent while others are paid out of rental income as they come in. Other bills are paid by the tenant. In this case, Quorum will pay the bills out of the funds available here and then bill the tenant, who will then send a check in to Quorum as reimbursement.

-Do my tenants need to have insurance, too?

 Yes, your tenants must have renters insurance and a copy of that current policy must be sent to Quorum. This is imperative as the tenants insurance coverage will help to protect your property from unforeseen problems.