Jode B. - Sales Client


"Felix Rodriguez is my hero. Here’s why: My daughter suddenly and unexpectantly passed away and I was tasked with the responsibility to sell her property. I was at a loss as how to navigate the probate process while at the same time how to let go of the home she loved so much. Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that I live out of state and I was concerned how that might impact the timeliness of the sale process. Fortunately, Quorum Real Estate and the Boardwalk A Home Owners Association were acquainted with my daughter as she purchased her condo through Quorum and the HOA members were her kind neighbors. Hence Felix knew of her and her passing and he took that personally. He stepped in with a high degree of professionalism and a caring sensitivity to the situation. He guided me through prepping the condo for sale, deciding selling price, and selection of the final purchaser. He took a complex and difficult situation, explaining the process every step of the way, and made it simple to understand. There never was any undue pressure and he graciously allowed me to make the final decision based on the information provided. I am so grateful for his guidance and compassion. Felix’s care was beyond professional, and as a parent himself he understood how incredibly sad this was for me. Felix works with an outstanding team. Kudos to Team West Seattle Ticor Title, The Boardwalk A Homeowners Association, Quorum Real Estate, and notary Linda Yuen for working with me remotely. Felix, you and your team ROCK!"

Doug C. - Sales Client


"At age 70, I have bought and sold my share of homes. My recent experience with Felix Rodriquez of Quorum, is my new benchmark of excellence. We had a difficult transition of an estate condo needing much work and sensitive family management. Felix acted as realtor, condo manager, general contractor, building supervisor, counselor, advisor and friend. His overarching theme was to offer sound advice, patiently answer all questions, avoid any mistakes, then exceed expectations. We sold the property at great profit, due to his recommendations for renovation and he managed all the details, headaches and legal issues. He was trustworthy, reliable, friendly, prompt, and a good communicator. In my opinion, he also undercharged for this full service professional experience. I am only limited by 5 stars; it could have been more."

Alex C. - Sales Client


"I went with Quorum to sell my home in Shoreline and to buy a home in Camano Island. I couldn't be more satisfied. They helped me to get over my asking price for my home and they personally negotiated with the home seller in Camano (he was selling it by himself) to drop his price by almost $15,000! Even more than that, when I found homes I was interested in they would point out areas of concern that I would have never noticed. They were available when I needed them and always had market info and research to show me. I'd recommend them to my closest friends without hesitation."

Jerene H. - Former HOA Board Member


"As you know I am no longer on the HOA Board at Chambery Park, but I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated all the assistance that I have received from you and your staff during my six years as a Board Member... Whenever I am in your office, the entire staff drops what they are doing to get me the paperwork that I need, and they are cheerful while searching."

Brian P. - Sales Client

"We would like to offer the highest recommendation of Felix Rodriguez and his team at Quorum Real Estate. We worked with Felix on the renovation and sale of our condominium between October 2019 and April 2020. In addition to representing us in the sale of our property, Felix acted as the general contractor for our project, overseeing the timeline, the costs, and the quality of the renovations. 

As we started our home sale process, Felix spent a lot of time helping us determine the level of renovation we’d need for a quick and smooth sale. We started with our own list of what we felt was necessary, and relied on Felix’s recommendations for additional work that he felt would achieve the highest impact, given the constraints of our budget. Felix was able to provide us with a range of contractor options; the contractor we chose was very skillful, and was able to complete a wide range of renovations in a very short time, without the need for additional subcontractors. Although we didn’t need to hold an open house because we had an immediate full-price offer as soon as the listing was active, Felix had prepared excellent photography, staging, and printed promotional material.

Home renovations and sales can be daunting, but Felix skillfully guided us each step of the way. Especially valuable is Felix’s experience as a property manager, his knowledge of the real estate market in north Seattle, and the condominium market in particular. We greatly appreciate Felix’s support, guidance and communication with us throughout the process. His enthusiasm never diminished, and his confidence in a strong outcome carried us through to a very successful conclusion. We wholeheartedly recommend Felix and would without hesitation work with him again in the future."


Janelle W. - Rental Customer

"I am very grateful too Quorum, they are very professional and accommodating. I have been in a unit since Aug, they have followed through with all requests. I have dealt with three representatives from Quorum, I am fully satisfied with how helpful, respectful and quick they are when responding to my requests. I continuously recommend any one looking to rent or sell their home, none of my friends have been disappointed.

Felix and Jeremy helped my close friend to sell his condo, he continues to give them rave reviews on how quick and efficient they were.  Quorum continues to not disappoint!!"

Rick R. - Rental Customer

"I rented a condo unit they managed for nearly 6 years.  They were always helpful and responsive when any needs or problems arose.  The owner decided to sell the condo and Quorum was understanding with the challenges in finding a new location under these difficult times.  They allowed me stay an additional month to assist my search.  My security deposit was fully refunded when I vacated."

Kathy P. - Sales Customer

"Felix sold my condo quickly.  It went above the asking price.  When difficulties arose from the lender he helped to straighten it out. I was impressed how he helped me to get it ready for the market as well.  I strongly recommend him as a real estate agent."

Kevin C. HOA Board Member

“As a board chair of an HOA managed by Quorum, I'm thrilled with the service Quorum provides. They're able to support us through challenging conversations, manage vendor relationships, and guide our community thoughtfully and with care. They're great stewards of our finances and support for our neighborhood. I highly recommend Felix and his whole team for your property management needs.”

Julianne C. Condominium Owner

“A couple of years ago our self-managed HOA was going under financially due to malfeasance on the part of our board president. Fortunately for us, when we reached out to Felix Rodriguez seeking help, Quorum was willing to step in and represent us when others deemed our dire straits hopeless. Quorum has literally pulled us back from the brink. Our financial situation has greatly improved and our property is in far better shape, pandemic notwithstanding. All of this could not have happened without the personal attention of Felix and his team at Quorum working closely with our board. Quorum has given us back our community, restored and well on our way to recovery. Their caring professionalism and support have earned our eternal gratitude”

Mary T. Sales Customer

“I knew Felix Rodriguez was the right Agent for me because he is extremely knowledgeable and is well-established and highly respected in the community and the real estate field managing numerous properties and condominium complexes and running an extraordinarily successful Real Estate Agency. Felix had an unsurmountable job ahead of him placing my condo home on the market in the middle of a worldwide Pandemic, but he did not let that stop his genuine enthusiasm, professionalism, and energy. He went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Not only did he constantly keep me abreast of real estate marketing analyses and trends and work tirelessly with other agents and their clients, he continually monitored my vacant condo and flyer boxes, competently and efficiently managed his team in the tasteful and successful modernization of my condo in order to make it more marketable, and he kindly and thoughtfully encouraged me along every step of the way. And when I had questions, which I always did, he or his team in the office were always polite, efficient, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. My agent made all the difference in the successful sale of my home. Hands down, Felix is the best!”

Tinah N. - Management Customer

"My husband’s dad referred us to this company about two years ago and since then they have been our go to with everything real estate. From fixing our yard biweekly to fixing any unexpected maintenance fixtures around the house. My husband and both have very busy and hectic schedules and often times hardly find time to be available to take care of unexpected maintenance Felix and his team are very professional and reliable. We trust them enough to come by and take care of our needs even when we were out the country. I highly recommend them if you are looking to buy a house Or sell a home and also need someone to maintain it after your purchase. They have it all I give them a 5 star for excellent customer service , reliability and professionalism. Happy client no regrets."

Stephanie B. - Management Customer

"I have been working with Quorum for about a year now as my property manager. Felix is always very helpful, responsive and great at communicating. When he first became my property manager, he did he research to make sure that we were setting the right price point and found a wonderful tenant right away. So happy to be working with Felix and team!"