Our Company

Welcome to Quorum! We are a full-service brokerage with a dedicated staff prepared to handle all your property management and real estate needs. We have experience in managing multiplexes, single-family homes, apartments, condominium/homeowners’ associations, office/retail space, warehouses, and light-manufacturing zoned properties.

Our property managers are licensed Real Estate agents and bring valuable experience to your property. We have a large catalog of skilled vendors ready to facilitate repairs, remodeling, or any construction needs your property may have.

If you choose to sell your property, our agents are ready to work for you to ensure that you get top dollar on your sale. We are ready to bring our years of experience to your negotiating table whether you are selling your home, looking for a new place to call home, or seeking investment property.

Our staff includes licensed real estate agents with a combined 100 years of experience in the field.

  • We sell, lease, and manage commercial, industrial, retail, and office space
  • We provide monthly accounting services
  • We advertise for top exposure of your property
  • We monitor market values for the best possible return on your investment
  • We work with members of the community to maximize investment possibilities
  • We are available to you at all times
  • We are experts in personalized service, customized to fit your special needs 

Quorum has well-established relationships with members of the community. We are a local company and we strive to support local business.