Jode B. - Sales Client


"Felix Rodriguez is my hero. Here’s why: My daughter suddenly and unexpectantly passed away and I was tasked with the responsibility to sell her property. I was at a loss as how to navigate the probate process while at the same time how to let go of the home she loved so much. Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that I live out of state and I was concerned how that might impact the timeliness of the sale process. Fortunately, Quorum Real Estate and the Boardwalk A Home Owners Association were acquainted with my daughter as she purchased her condo through Quorum and the HOA members were her kind neighbors. Hence Felix knew of her and her passing and he took that personally. He stepped in with a high degree of professionalism and a caring sensitivity to the situation. He guided me through prepping the condo for sale, deciding selling price, and selection of the final purchaser. He took a complex and difficult situation, explaining the process every step of the way, and made it simple to understand. There never was any undue pressure and he graciously allowed me to make the final decision based on the information provided. I am so grateful for his guidance and compassion. Felix’s care was beyond professional, and as a parent himself he understood how incredibly sad this was for me. Felix works with an outstanding team. Kudos to Team West Seattle Ticor Title, The Boardwalk A Homeowners Association, Quorum Real Estate, and notary Linda Yuen for working with me remotely. Felix, you and your team ROCK!"